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According to McKinsey, a larger company can expect to lose 42% of one year’s EBITDA every decade because of supply chain disruption.


In times of profound and rapid change, in an integrated but increasingly unstable world every undertaking should consider its resilience to potentially existential shocks. People have tended to think of these events as principally effecting manufactured goods. However, as Covid has shown, all businesses are potentially vulnerable not just manufacturing but finance, trading and other service businesses should also consider their resilience.


Resilience is about preparing a business to be resistant to future unexpected incidents and a thorough review can either give comfort to stakeholders or set out a path for companies to attain a suitably resilient state.


We use our deep experience in this area to help Boards identify potential dangers and develop strategies to mitigate these.


The process is a short targeted review by experienced business professionals examining everything from the balance sheet to the supply chain, considering how these might be affected by black swan events and recommending strategies to mitigate these.


  Agree the brief and process with the client;

  Stephen Kimbell  & Alan J Haig (The Team) meet client management team & key staff to

  outline project;

  The Team spend 2 to 3 days with management and staff to understand & analyse

  client’s business;

  The Team consider the facts, come to some initial conclusions, check the facts;

  The Team meet with management team (and staff) to present conclusions;

  Provide a summary of conclusions and recommendations;



  review of businesses resilience


  for management/shareholders/customers/regulators/other stakeholders;


  to seasoned business managers (implementation support available):


This review is designed to be a cost/effective review for the small/medium-sized business, and performed by seasoned practical businessmen.


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Stephen Kimbell is a specialist in business strategy and deal doing. He is an investor, an entrepreneur and an experienced non-executive director. He trained and worked for a number of years with the major city law firm Slaughter & May before moving to Chicago to work with a multinational pharmaceutical company doing their mergers and acquisitions work. Returning to the UK he set up Kimbells LLP, a specialist corporate law firm.


Apart from his consultancy work, Stephen is a visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management where he teaches on the MBA course. Stephen has also held directorships and consultancy posts in a number of companies.


Alan is an experienced COO and CFO in the financial services sector.  Before Global Investment Management Services, he worked for long-only investment managers and leading alternative investment management firms operating across multiple legal jurisdictions, including First Avenue Partners Group (a global institutional capital placement business) the Cambridge Place Group (a specialist credit hedge fund) with Citigroup Asset Management, and with International Financial Markets Trading (one of London’s first hedge funds).  Alan’s financial services career commenced with the Chase Manhattan Capital Markets Group working in London and New York.  He has also worked with entrepreneurs to set up investment businesses (usually regulated).


He is a UK Chartered Accountant, holds an MSc from the London Business School and is a member of the UK Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.


Contact Stephen Kimbell or Alan Haig for a no-cost initial discussion about the ways this review might benefit you:

Stephen Kimbell

Tel: 01234 714924  or  07802 437990

Alan J Haig

Tel: 07770 484977

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